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Definition of System Scaffold
A scaffold can be generally defined as a temporary structure supporting a platform positioned at an elevation above the ground. Its purpose to provide a working surface to support workers and their necessary tools and material. A scaffold must have at least one platform and can ...
Scaffolding for Commercial, Manufacturing Construction Are Bright Spots in 2012
Overall, U.S. construction starts for 2012 will remain essentially flat, and the level of construction starts is expected to be $412 billion, following the 4 percent decline to $410 billion predicted for 2011, according to McGraw-Hill Construction (New York) in its annual c...
OSHA extends temporary scaffolding enforcement measures in residential construction
The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will extend for three months its temporary enforcement measures in residential construction. The temporary enforcement measures, now extended through December 15, 2012, include priority free on-...
Material for frame scaffolding
Frame scaffoldings are mainly complied with ANSI 10.8 standard. Steel Grade: S235 Tube size: OD(v)1.69"*W.T. 0.096"(42.7mm *2.4mm) OD(h)25.4mm*W.T.2mm Cross brace: OD 25.4mm*W.T.1.8mm Surface: powder coated/painted
Advantage Of Ringlock Scaffolding
Ring-lock scaffolding, one of the support system for construction, owns advantages both cup-lock scaffolding and shoring tower.Ringlock is a proven multi-purpose scaffold system which can be used for all forms of access and support structures in the building construction industri...
Scaffolding standard for each country
 EN12811 for Cuplock, Ringlock & (Certificate#: 37699/M/B)1576.1:1995 AS/NZS 1576.3: 1995(Kwikstage) . BS EN 74-1: 2005 for all couplers (Certificate#: 37699/M/A) EN1065: 1998 for props EN13377:2002 for H20 wood beam (Certificate#: SC091021191) ANSI10.8 for f...
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